Ambiance Pro by StudioPress is a responsive Genesis child theme for blogs, with strong visual index websites emphasizing the offered Image and distraction fee pages serving contents. The theme reinforcement two WordPress 3 menus: Primary Navigation Menu – right aligned in the header Secondary Navigation Menu – centered in the footer The Primary Navigation Menu is toggleable with the menu icon, meaning the visitor has the option to display or hide the menu. Next to that, the menu is fixed so that it object visible when scrolling down the page. StudioPress Ambiance Pro downloads with three customizable widgets: Featured Page Featured Posts User Profile With the advent of version 2.0 of the Genesis Framework, the Genesis eNews and Updates, and Genesis Latest Tweets widgets have been re-created as plugins. These, and other plugins optimized for the Genesis Framework, are available from the WordPress Plugin website. This Genesis child theme integrate 2 widgetized areas: Welcome Message After Entry The Welcome Message is demonstrated on the homepage, on top of the blog feed, while the After Entry is displayed between the posts and the comments. Because of the nature of the theme, Ambiance Pro does not have a sidebar. Anyhow it does come with post menu. Ambiance Pro offers the following page templates: Default Archive Blog Landing The Genesis panel comprehends three sites: Theme Settings SEO Settings Import/Export When you do not see the Genesis SEO page, you most likely have activated a plugin to handle your SEO. The Genesis SEO Settings grant you to tweak the default SEO options with regards to the Document Title, Homepage Settings, Document Head Settings, Robots Meta Settings and Archive Settings. Furthermore, many post, page and term has its own SEO Settings. When you are just starting out with SEO, just leave the methods in their default state. The Import/Export page lets you form a file in JSON format for backup and transfer purposes. You can export just the Theme Settings and/or the SEO Settings. Of course, you can also upload a JSON file. StudioPress Ambiance Pro Theme OptionsThe Theme Settings page performs dialogue boxes to improve you configure the theme: Information Custom Feeds Default Layout Comments and Trackbacks Content Archives Blog Page Template Header and Footer Scripts The info box displays the adaptation number of the Genesis Framework. Here you can also sign up to e-mail notifications when updates becomes available. When you use Feedburner for your bottles, you can enter the specialty feed URLs for new posts and comments the following at the Custom Feeds. By design, Ambiance Pro offers only one theme, which also happens to be the Default Layout; full width, without sidebars. The check boxes at the Comments and Trackbacks give you an easy way to customise the visibility of commentary and trackbacks on posts and pages. At the Content Archives you can set your needs for the blog page listings. You can choose to display the post excerpts or the post content – when applied, until the browse More tag. When you opt for the post matter, you can limit the content to a certain number of characters. Enabling the Featured photograph on index pages is a matter of checking the box in front of “Include the Featured Image?”. In addition, you can select your desired dimensions for the Featured Image. The recommended setting here is ‘entry-image (800×450)’. Last but not least, you can set your preferred page consultation within the Content Archives box. You are offered two choices: Previous/Next, and Numeric. The Blog Page Template point lets you configure what categories will be displayed on the blog. You can select a specific category from the drop-down menu, exclude category IDs, and set the number of posts per pages. The Header and Footer Scripts section provides two text boxes where you can enter your traditions scripts for the page headers and footers, like for example Google analysis. StudioPress Ambiance Pro Page Please note that you need the Genesis Framework in order to activate and use a Genesis child theme. Purchased independently the Genesis Framework is $59.95. When you actually have a license for the Genesis Framework, you only are looking for StudioPress Ambiance Pro. Otherwise, you get both for a reduced price. If you are an old customer of StudioPress, just make sure your are logged in prior to placing your order and you will get the best doable price – reversive StudioPress customers get a 25% discount! Another option is achieving the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package for $399.95. The StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package means the Genesis Framework as well as all current and future Genesis child themes created by StudioPress. And with StudioPress, you get existence updates and support.